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Amalgamation competing in the 2016 national championships

Nature is our playground

When the question is asked "where do you fly", our answer is simple. Anywhere and everywhere we can! The more places the better. Below you will find a list of past events and events where we will be appearing. Photos from past events can be found in the gallery. Enjoy and see you soon!




Birdoswald Kite Festival

28th, 29th May 2016

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Souter Kite Festival

11th, 12th June 2016

Souter Lighthouse, North Shields

Stack Nationals Round 2

25th, 26th June 2016

Souter Lighthouse, North Shields

Basingstoke Kite Festival

2nd, 3rd July 2016

Down Grange, Basingstoke

Portsmouth Kite Festival

20th, 21st August 2016

Southsea Common, Portsmouth

Birdoswald Kite Festival

14th, 15th May 2017

Birdoswald Roman Fort

Scarborough Kite Festival

21st, 22nd May 2017

Scarborough Castle

Basingstoke Kite Festival

3rd, 4th July 2017

Down Grange, Basingstoke




Tom Greenfield & Josh Mitcheson

National Pairs Champions 2017

Coming up...


Below you will find a list of our up coming events where you will be able to see Amalgamation doing what we do best.


29/07/2017 - Dunstable downs Kite Festival


15/08/2017 - Rijsbergan VligerDagen


02/09/2017 - St Annes Kite Fetistival


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