To sum it up: We have a passion for flying kites

Amalgamation was formed by Tom Greenfield and Josh Mitcheson in 2016. They wanted to create a team which was more than conventional flying. They wanted to create something new. There aim is to evolve what the know capabilities of pair flying is.


In their minds, break the mould of kite flying. They specify a dynamic which is unique to them. Its all about the angle, tempo, choreography and most importantly the effect.


Both flyers have an extensive background in flying and create their own style. What they found was that the "Amalgamation" of the two created something epic.....


Hitting the streets in 2018 will see the start of our new project as Amalgamation stretch out into a four man team. Introducing our new members Jeremy Wharton and Ben Taylor. Catch us at Exmouth Kite Festival 2018.

Partners and Useful Links

As a team we have many friends and supporters. Have a look at their pages for more info:


Glued To The Blue


Benson Kites


We are always travelling to different events, and we would love to see you at one. You can track our events on the travelling page.

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